Medical coding software

Intelligence for Health™, a medical coding assistance software developed with physicians and medical coders to meet their operational challenges.

Quantifiable and measurable performance


Coding time saving


Financial gain on upgraded stays

Hospital sites



A tool designed for the medical coding department

Give more time to medicine. The automation of coding and the coding proposals for complex stays are real levers for giving time back to medical teams, whether they are clinical doctors or from the medical information service.


Centralise and analyse all your hospital data (CRH, CRO, biology, nursing transmissions, etc.)


Possibility to automate the coding of shorter stays.

Primary coding

Proposals for coding by Artificial Intelligence for the most complex stays.


Fair valuation of stays through enhanced quality control.


All your data remains within your information system, without being transferred outside it.

An easy-to-use platform based on complex technologies 

Collective Thinking is a company specialized in Artificial Intelligence (deep learning) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) applied to health data analysis.

After more than 6 years of research and development, our experts have developed a software based on several patented technologies.

Our intelligent assistant analyzes all patient data in a few milliseconds to predict diagnosis and procedure codes and highlight associated justifications found in the case documentation.

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