Clinical research 

Our solution dedicated to clinical research improves the quality and completeness of patient screening, accelerates inclusion times and enables studies on real-life data.

Enhance the value of medical data collected in hospitals to accelerate clinical research


A resource for clinical investigators

Our solution helps clinical investigators to easily exploit information from the computerized patient record to efficiently assist them in their missions: feasibility studies, patient screening and inclusion, real-life studies.

In particular, our unique technology makes it possible to search and extract detailed clinical information from the electronic patient record, even when this information has been collected as free text in medical reports.

Real-time, comprehensive patient screening

Whatever the research protocol, never miss any eligible patient and significantly accelerate the time of patient inclusion in clinical trials thanks to continuous and real-time automatic screening.

Feasibility studies & pre-screening

Accurately quantify patient recruitment potential across the facility by simulating detailed and realistic inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Real life studies

Create patient cohorts and carry out RWE (Real World Evidence) studies using all clinical data already routinely collected as part of the medical treatment performed.


All clinical data remains permanently within your information system, within your establishment, without any transfer outside of your organisation.

Simple operation, advanced technology : 


Data centralization

Single and comprehensive centralized access to all hospital database content.


Algorithmic analysis

Automatic analysis by dedicated Artificial Intelligence of all available clinical data, structured or unstructured. (free texts)



Automatic extraction and structuring of relevant clinical data.

Real time screening

Automatic alert to the clinical investigator as soon as an eligible for a research protocol is detected.

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