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The dynamics of new technology, particularly artificial intelligence, combined with the constant growth of digitised medical data, represent new opportunities for every sector of the healthcare industry: hospitals, clinics, research centres, laboratories, etc.

Today, Collective Thinking has achieved a real technological breakthrough in the field of Deep Learning and semantic analysis. Collective Thinking therefore works in direct competition with the most advanced research teams in these areas, both French and international, and has thus far seen consistent success.

Taking advantage of this technological edge, Collective Thinking was able to swiftly take action on behalf of several major clients (BNP Paribas, AXA, La Poste, Engie, etc.), offering custom decision support and predictive services. Collective Thinking now specialises exclusively in the healthcare industry, where the company’s expertise has been recognised on more than 100 public and private hospital sites, with clients including ELSAN, the leading medicine, surgery and obstetrics clinic group in France, as well as the largest teaching hospitals.


The Collective Thinking team is made up of the best experts in their field (mathematicians, data scientists, developers…) from the most prestigious institutions (ENS, École Polytechnique, CentraleSupelec) to best meet the challenges faced by the company and its clients. Thanks to its highly qualified team and the many tools they have developed, Collective Thinking is able to provide high-performance solutions that allow its customers to realise the potential of their data in complete safety.


With an in-depth understanding of the role cutting-edge technology can play in healthcare issues, Vincent Susplugas founded Collective Thinking in 2013. A graduate of the École Polytechnique and ENSAE, he puts research and innovation at the forefront of his initiatives, surrounding himself with a highly qualified team.
Vincent Susplugas, CEO


“Developing, deploying and maintaining Big Data applications means working on new technologies and the latest and most specific tools every day, as well as taking on interesting technical challenges.”
Benjamin Despres, CTO


The increasing digitalisation of health data creates new expectations, but also additional possibilities for the processing of clinical information. In this context, work on the development of an AI for physicians and patients is at the centre of the current change in the health sector and contributes to medical progress.”.

Dr. Edouard Dufetelle, Medical Director

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